Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's My Money? ('cause it's not in my wallet)

Perhaps in better times, the Obama administration's decision to resume funding abortions in other countries might be the issue.

However, when the United States is faced with an almost unfathomable budget deficit and economic depression, the issue is really nothing more than this:

Why in the hell is the Obama administration funding ANYTHING in other countries?

Seriously, if my best friends knew that I owed more money than I made, then they would be real d-bags to come to me for a handout.

If I faced having to default on my mortgage to fund some stranger's medical procedure (how's that for a nice euphemism for killing babies?), would you accuse me of anything wrong for choosing to pay my own damn mortgage?

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  1. Once again, the government is being a terrible example for its constituents. As individuals, we are told to live within our means. It is now obvious what happens to the national economy when too many people buy too much on credit. So why do the feds feel so righteous in spending far more than they will ever have available? I think they believe that there is a difference between government spending and personal spending. I'm sure the Keynesians have some way of justifying irresponsible spending by politicians.


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