Sunday, February 01, 2009

May Such Men Burn

I cannot feel badly for a man who kills his wife and kids because he has lost his job.

Of course, I feel badly for the victims.

However, to try to let this guy off because of how "hard" these days are (economically) is to say something awful.

Times were hard in Germany in the early-mid 1930s. Hitler seemed to be the answer. Do we accept this?

Do we excuse cold-blooded murder due to economic desperation?

I think not.

Therefore, do not sit back and think "How tragic, if only the government could have done more to prevent this" when you hear such stories.

Think, "What a worthless piece of crap to think that his whole family should die just because he is an unemployable asshole."

And what if he's a good man who just can't find employment?

Well, a good man wouldn't freaking kill his family.

Enough said?

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