Thursday, February 26, 2009

Law and Order in Colorado

So let me get this straight. A 58 year-old bus driver stops, and two elderly ladies step off.

The driver decides not to let them cross the street alone during a snowstorm, so he and another passenger jump out to assist them.

As they approach the other side of the street, the driver notices a pickup truck speeding recklessly toward them.

He pushes the two ladies and the other man to safety but is himself struck by the careening pickup.

He wakes up in intensive care, having suffered head trauma, multiple fractures, a dislocated shoulder, and a damaged spleen. [1]

Shortly after learning of his injuries and being told that he had probably saved the lives of the two elderly women, he also learns that the Colorado State Patrol had issued him a ticket for jaywalking.

Let me be the first--or at least the first of whom I am aware--to issue the following statement to the Colorado State Patrol.


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