Thursday, February 26, 2009

(Another) Cure for AIDS

I couldn't help but notice that Obama recently appointed a new head for the White House AIDS Policy Office.

I assume that this is a paid position, so I'm left wondering why, in these hard times (in any times, really), we should pay for such a thing.

Seriously, AIDS policy shouldn't cost a dime and shouldn't require an office or officers.

I would be glad to donate the following policy to the president, to be used in lieu of having to waste resources.

First, here's the position: AIDS is bad, as is the HIV that causes AIDS.

Now here's the policy: Every so often, mention in speeches that people should avoid unprotected sex with strangers and/or sharing hypodermic needles.

Here's what's awesome: if the people listen, then the number of new AIDS cases will decrease dramatically!

But what if people don't listen?

Then it's their own freaking fault!

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  1. Chairman BAR7:28 PM

    I just got off the phone with Pres. Obama. He wants me to be the Head of the Committee for Cryogenics Research. Unfortunately, it's not a paid position. (probably because I didn't vote for him) So, should I take it?


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