Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I LIke Ron Paul

Leave it to Golf Guy to bring up a point that makes me have to explain myself.

In a previous comment, he noted how, in the past, I have virtually rejected every politician who has ever attained office; but now I am a firm supporter of Ron Paul.

The question, really, is what's so special about Ron Paul that he doesn't fit into my "politicians are bad" schema.

To put it simply, Ron Paul isn't a typical politician. As experience has defined the term, he probably isn't even a politician. He is a defender of the Constitution and people's natural rights. As a representative in Congress, he has a pristine and non-contradictory record proving such. He does not put on airs and claim to be what he is not. If he is a politician, then he is the ideal politician. In Platonic language, he is the quintessential form and all others are poor copies.

It has been noted that while he runs as a Republican, he was in 1988 the Libertarian candidate for president. What this demonstrates is that he transcends partisan politics. He is beholden to nothing but the Constitution and the application of the Constitution to maximize the enjoyment of people's rights.

Many point out that he hasn't much chance of achieving even the nomination, let alone winning the presidency.

If that be the case, then I refer you to my previous, cynical posts.


I think that if you haven't yet learned to play an instrument, then you have made poor choices with your free time.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution for 2008 is to do all the crap that I resolved to do in 2007.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Howdy, Tyrants

If you wish to limit a person's rights in anyway beyond preventing them from violating another's rights to life, liberty, and property, then you are a tyrant.

Not all tyrants are necessarily equal (I'll take Abraham Lincoln over Hugo Chavez any day), but tyranny in all forms is still evil. A man on trial for one murder does not use his aversion to genocide as a defense.

Think about it, and if you're comfortable with tyranny, then say hello to Stalin, Hitler, and the others who thought that the coercive powers of government ought to be employed for the destruction of freedom.

You might be offended at being compared with communists and fascists. However, you can only take offense if my accusations apply to you, and that would make you one who seeks to force your fellow man to live according to your own foolish five year plan (or 1,000 year Reich).

It may be that my occasional political post offends you. Consider, however, that every one of my points involves leaving you alone. I have never once advocated stripping you of your natural rights. Our rights are our own and are not up for grabs, not by any government, be it dictatorship or democracy.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Christmas with little ones is fun. I enjoyed thoroughly as the kids opened their gifts and squealed in joy.


On any other day, I can say, "Hey, put this stuff away."

But on Christmas, the stuff is all new, so it has no proper place. This means that I need to put it away.

I'm no good at that, and that's why my basement is currently a mess.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Masters of War

I cannot remember for sure (and I could check, but that would betray my innate laziness), but I might have posted a video to this song before.

However, as the (undeclared) war rages on (unconstitutionally), this song becomes more relevant as the second hand ticks.

Some might object to the pairing of American military operations with Nazi aggression, but in the end Poland did not really attack Germany (which Germany used as "justification" for its invasion of Poland) and Iraq did not really have weapons of mass destruction (which the Bush administration used as "justification" for its invasion of Iraq).

If you still object, then you're the reason why young men must continue to die in vain.

Ron Paul will end it. If we had no real right to go in, then there's nothing right about staying. The civil war in Iraq is the product of European imperialism: false borders for false countries. We can't fix that no matter how many guns we have or people we kill--unless we're willing to kill them all, which I am not (and I pray the same sentiment for you).

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Word (or two... or several more)

We didn't deserve his birth, and (God knows) we didn't deserve his death.

However, it was the will of the Lord, and we are thus blessed.


To know that He was born for and died for as one as wretched as I makes me tremble. I am not worthy. None are, and that is the true mystery of God's love.

Merry Christmas to all.

More Christmas Wishes

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Message From Ron Paul

I recently went farther than I ever have into American politics by actually donating money to the Ron Paul campaign. Mr. Paul is the greatest hope for us as a nation, and I hope that you realize this as you read his latest message. I do not know if Mr. Paul actually wrote it himself. Were he a typical politician, then I would say with certainty that he did not. However, he is atypical, and that makes all the difference.

From Ron Paul:

What an amazing mission you and I are on. What great ideas we uphold -- the legacy of the most important thinkers of liberty in our country's history, and the most important doers of liberty in America. At the top of that list are the donors and volunteers of this campaign.

I could spend all my time thanking personally you and everyone who has done so much for our country's future, and not scratch the surface of what justice demands. But I want you to know how much I owe you, and everyone dedicated to the real America. You and I know our real country -- the America of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, of economic, civil, and personal liberty, of strong families and communities, of great businesses and professions, of strong peace and low taxes and sound money-all of which are under assault by the politicians who occupy our nation's capital.

With your help -- and I can't do anything without your help--I want to change all that. Together, we can restore our constitutional republic, and oust the mountebanks who violate the ideals of the Founders with income taxes, Federal Reserve inflation, deficit spending, preemptive wars, torture, secret prisons, and abolition of habeas corpus.

How thrilling too are all the great Independent efforts in this cause, involving so many tens of thousands of patriots. Of course, since they are Independent, the election laws to do not allow me to coordinate with them in any way. But I will mention that this Sunday, I am really going to enjoy my tea at a party!

We are making real progress. And goodness knows we need to. Help me keep our revolution going and growing. For freedom, peace, and prosperity, for the real America, all our generosity and hard work are justified.



Success (But O the Cost!)

Cancel the Everest expedition.

With a combination of generous contributions from Natalie's aunt and uncle (and an excessive lump sum from us--courtesy of my wife, who can only say "No" when it comes to new televisions and other things that any married man with kids can vouch for), we have acquired tickets to Hannah Montana!

Cost of parking: $20.
Pop and popcorn: $20.
Souvenirs: $50 (probably).
Two tickets to Hannah Montana: $400.
The look on my face when I heard how much we'd spent: Priceless.

Dream the Impossible Dream

The most difficult goal that I've ever sought to achieve?

Getting my hands on Hannah Montana tickets.

I have better chance of scaling Mt. Everest in my boxer shorts.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A December to Remember

Most people have probably seen those Lexus commercials that advertise how wonderful it would be to surprise your wife with the gift of a brand new Lexus.

Seriously. Is the point of this commercial really to convince me to spend fifty thousand dollars on my wife's Christmas gift?

The effect of these commercials is not to make me think, "Gee, it would be nice, someday, to surprise the wife with a new Lexus."

The effect is to say, "You're a loser. Look at Mr. Suave. He just bought his wife a new Lexus. See, it's even wrapped with a giant red bow to symbolize how much he loves her."

Lexus uses the slogan, "A December to Remember."

Yeah. Sure.

For me to purchase my wife a car without her knowing, it would have to look something like this:
Thanks, Lexus, for making this a "December to Remember" that I don't have enough money to buy a @#%@ing Lexus.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ron Paul (Again!)

Have you ever considered what Ron Paul says? Have you ever thought about the Constitution? Do you value freedom?

If not, then why do you read this blog?

Vote for freedom.
Vote for justice.
Vote for America.
Vote for Ron Paul.

Good Song

This is another "Ignore the video, but listen to the song."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just a Bit of Dylan

And now it's time for a little presentation that is Bob Dylan's genius.

This song is an anthem for the Bush administration.

This song is awesome, if you're able to ignore the fact that Carter was guilty.

Vote however you wish (but I probably wish that you wouldn't), but this song accuses you.

If you've lasted this long, then you deserve this.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chavez Hating Rationale

Perhaps the message of my last post seemed a bit horrific, but only if you don't fathom the situation.

You've probably been asked--or imagined independently--the question: "If you could go back in time and kill Hitler/Stalin/Manilow/Bin Laden, would you?"

Having seen Back to the Future you may hesitate to say "Yes," simply because of the unpredictable (and in such a case probably massive) butterfly effect that would so alter your present.

Essentially, however, I'm talking about the same issue. No matter how "maturely" he seems to be taking his recent political defeat, Hugo Chavez is a dangerous man. He is, for all intensive purposes, an assailant. If you would use physical force to restrain an assailant, then you must advocate using physical force to restrain him. It's not a matter of me seeing things only in black and white. It's a matter of logic.

It's a basic syllogism.

All A are B.
C is A.
Therefore, C is B.

All tyrants are men who should be resisted, violently if necessary.
Hugo Chavez is a tyrant.
Therefore, Hugo Chavez is a man who should be resisted, violently if necessary.

If you don't like my conclusion, then you have to reject one or both of my premises.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Sure, it violates a few of my principles, but if the U.S. government arranged to have Hugo Chavez shot (and killed), I would not protest.

Chavez is dangerous. He should be dead, in the same way that a rabid animal should be dead.

If he wins, then I say kill him.

If he loses, then I say kill him nonetheless.

He has proven himself an enemy to life and liberty, and is thus not worthy of either right.

Kill him.

Bill of Rights