Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Always the Naysayer?

I recently chatted with my next-door neighbor and a friend of his. Naturally, the conversation shifted to politics, and my neighbor gently warned his friend, "Don't get this guy started!"

Of course, this led to his friend asking me, sarcastically, if I was one of those guys who rips on Obama's ideas before we even have time to see if the ideas work or not.

I thought that my counter was rather good, so I now present it to you.

Let's say that the case isn't politics or economics, but medicine; and the person in question is not Obama, but a doctor.

So you go to the doctor because you've been feeling quite ill. After a battery of tests and a thorough survey, it becomes clear that your problems stem from consuming far too much alcohol on a regular basis.

Now suppose the doctor suggested, for treatment, that I try increasing my consumption of alcohol.

Better yet, let's say that the doctor pulled out a scalpel and a large bowl because he planned on bleeding me.

Honestly, I know that neither of these treatments will cure me of my ills. Should I just go along and either a.) drink more or b.) have the "bad blood" drained from my system? Should I wait to see if his destined-for-failure plans will fail before I criticize both the treatments and the doctor?

Of course I shouldn't, and that's why I rant against Obama's economic stimulus package.

My neighbor's friend just kind of chuckled and said, "Well, can't you at least hope that you're wrong?"

I let it drop.


  1. Is that the "hope" people have today? The hope that the Democrats' plans aren't as stupid as they appear to be? Long ago, people looked for change in new political parties, instead of the same two that have been impoverishing us for the last century. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Surreaist.8:50 PM

    I can't wait for a white musician to go on tv next to a Mike Meyers after a hurricane and say "Obama does not care about white people." How that would brighten up these dark days ahead...

  3. Two men are in a small boat. The first man looks down and sees a hole in the bottom of the boat. Water is seeping into the boat. The first man says, "The hole in our boat is hurting our buoyancy. I know what I'll do. I'll make the hole bigger, so that the water can flow out of the boat easier." The second man says, "That is not going to work. It will only make our boat sink faster." The first man replies, "Well, can't you just hope that you're wrong?"

  4. If you drink more it might help you cope with the Obama Administration.


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