Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Q: Why don't we secede?

A: 1) Lincoln made it cool and "patriotic" to kill secessionists by the hundreds of thousands.

A: 2) The mass of people are too ignorant/stupid to realize what they are supporting.

Give me a viable secessionist movement, and I will don the stars and bars, for this is no longer the country established by the founding fathers. It reeks of Marx, and I fear it will soon be polluted with Stalin and Mao.

Simon and Garfunkel should have written and sang, "Where have you gone, Thomas Jefferson / Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you..."

This is not treason. It is patriotism of the utmost. Our founding fathers were proud Englishmen of the British Empire--until the government in London turned into a leviathan.

Ask yourself, what would Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, James Madison, et al. say?

Look only to what they did and supported.

My friend, Bob, says that we can accomplish this without arms, but even God Himself has seen the right time to use force against evil.

Hell, even Alexander Hamilton would be horrified by the current trends.

My greatest wish is for a peaceful return to constitutional/limited government. This is an absolutely necessary change.

What must happen if an absolutely necessary change becomes impossible to accomplish by peaceful means?

I tremble at the thought, but I know the meaning of necessary.

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