Thursday, February 26, 2009

So newspapers across the country are closing shop. According to John Morton of Morton Research Inc.. "This is not a good time to try to sell a newspaper. This deep recession for newspapers doesn’t make these particularly compelling properties to buyers.”

Newsflash for newspapers:

It's not a recession for newspapers. It is the end.

Like the telegraph, you have been replaced by something faster and, ultimately, less expensive.

So help me God, if you ask for a "bailout," then my reader (yes, that's singular--alas) on the west coast will scream as loud as I, in which case the vibrations will carry from Renton, WA, to Issaquah, WA , and Metro Detroit, MI, to Hillsdale, MI.

Sure, there's quite some space in between, but I doubt that the corn and the cattle (or the Bears's fans) are cognizant enough to notice.

How's that for magnitude?

Oh, just shut up, BAR. We know that your voice might carry farther than Warren, but be serious. In the absence of JD's 9:08 A.M. brew, what are the chances of you making a difference?

Seriously, why bailout an industry that is no longer useful enough to remain solvent?

It doesn't matter how many jobs are lost in the wake. What matters is if someone resolves to move on to something that is actually solvent.

Nothing comes from nothing.

Insolvency comes from insolvency.

Seriously, the talk nowadays is about growing cotton in the Arctic.

"Damn, this business sucks. We've lost our socks in it!"

"Better invest more, then!"

If I'm not mistaken, this is the kind of logic that defines a compulsive gambler...

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