Sunday, February 08, 2009

Mia Culpa?

Why aren't you alarmed that President Obama has appointed, as his Secretary of the Treasury, a man who has failed to pay his taxes?

This SOB is now in charge of the people who will bust YOU if you fail to give them every cent to which they (wrongfully) feel entitled.

He dismisses his "crime" (hell yes, it's in quotations. Since when has handing your money over to a well-armed and aggressive mugger for the sake of your own safety been considered anything else?") as something akin to a mere oversight.

Should I be audited and incur "unfortunate" results, can I claim a mere oversight?

Of course I can't.

I would be nailed to the wall and then some.

The moral of this story: The federal government of today is not manned by the men who fought the revolution.

When you pledge allegiance, you make a grave mistake.

If you disagree, then every German should have been prosecuted at Nuremberg.

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