Sunday, April 05, 2009

Talk the Talk, but No Walk the Walk

The United States said to North Korea, "You'd better not launch that rocket!" (at least in words of the same spirit).

Japan said to North Korea, "We will shoot down any rockets that fly over Japanese territory."

Well, North Korea launched the rocket, and it flew over Japanese territory.

The United States's response? "You are very bad, North Korea. Shame on you."

Did Japan shoot down the rocket? No.

So what did North Korea learn from all of this?

It learned that the U.S. and Japan are full of hot air.

Man, for the days of George W. Bush! Had he been president, we would have shot down that rocket and invaded Uruguay.


  1. Kim Jong Il3:46 PM

    I raff at you, sirry Americans and patetic Japanese! You are roosers, who will bow before me! I am the Great Reader! My peopuh ruv me! Def to America!

  2. Most people will think that you're spoofing Kim Jong Il from Team America. Little do they know that what they see is little more than evidence of a University of Michigan education.

    That said, brilliant, BAR, freakin' brilliant.

  3. "Hans Brix?!"

    Incidentally Aristos, you are wrong. George Bush invaded Iraq for not turning over WMDs that they apparently did not have, and gave money to North Korea to bribe them to stop developing their nuclear weapons which they continued to develop.

  4. You're right, Bob. I was speaking more towards the cowboy-diplomacy myth that will define Bush's presidency for the next century. I was not speaking matter-of-factly, as you point out.


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