Monday, April 06, 2009

24--A Change? Naw

It is plausible that Jack Bauer dies, and Tony Almeda carries the show.

Plausible, but not likely.

Jack Bauer is irreplaceable. He's the epitome of the good-government-agent myth.

Hell, I'll say it. Bauer is awesome.

Someone will get Jack's (hot) daughter in, and her stem-cells will make Michael J. Fox proud by doing the job and jumping the shark--er, saving Jack Bauer...


  1. I now pronounce you Mrs. Jack Bauer. Jack, you may kiss your bearded bride.

  2. When Jack's daughter got mentioned I suddenly pitched a tent. My camping trip is only a few months away!

  3. Not really much to say about this, other than the point out the obvious attractive qualities of Elisha Cuthbert, aka Jack's Daughter.

    Woo! I've commented on every post on the front page...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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