Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Additional Comment

You know what? I'm tired of having nothing good to say.

I love my wife, my kids, and my life. If only I was left alone.

My wife is good. She has the patience that I don't have. She has the forgiveness that I lack. She has the way of seeing things as always working out in the end--that infuriates me sometimes!

My kids are wonderful. Natalie is extremely smart and compassionate. Like me, she has an ear for music and a way of making connections between otherwise separate things (what Mortimer J. Adler called Syntopical thinking).

Mark is stubborn--like one of his parents (but I'll not name names)--but generous, strong, and--in his own odd way--, downright brilliant.

Robbie--well, he's only 20 months old, so I can't brag about much except that he's overall a really great kid who seems to have a knack for figuring out things--especially the things that we don't want him to figure out (e.g. how to turn door knobs or pull chairs across the room in order to reach something).

If I could secede and live with only those close to me, then I would be perfectly happy and this blog would be terribly boring.


  1. aww...was one of the kids (or a gang of very intelligent ones) criticizing your arguments. Sometimes kids can be mean, but then again sometimes they're trying to save your soul - albeit this is considerably more rare.

  2. Kids can save my soul?

  3. As instruments of the Holy Spirit, they can be a part of your salvation, yes. But they can't save you all by themselves.


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