Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ist Das Nicht Deutsch?

How do you say, "You're a dumbass" in Austrian?

President Obama needs only to study how to say the same in German.

Forgive me for citing FoxNews on this, but the mainstream media seems unwilling to admit that the genius president doesn't know that Austrians speak German.

How surprised will he be to learn that Americans speak English? Don't look to the New York Times for any explanation.

The point is that the media will jump all over guys like Dan Quayle for not knowing how to spell "potato." but when Obama makes a gaff they will smear his feces all over their bodies while pronouncing him the anointed one.


  1. Du bist ein Dummkopf. That's the best I can do. I don't think there's an exact translation. I would love to ask the President what he knows about the Hapsburgs. "Rural communities in Tibet? Ice formations in Canada? Quick! Get me an intern! Why do you people leave me hanging like this all the time? I feel like Bush!"

  2. Wait, checked the German-American dictionary (an old one, brought over in 1920 by my grandfather), and on the English side, under dumbass: ein Zach

  3. You retard--that was a thesaurus, and you were looking under antonyms.

  4. I find it funny (and sad) that the media need concern itself with such misdemeanor things. "Oh no, he didn't pronounce that double L in paella as a Y. I hope he didn't offend the Spanish royal family."

    Can we lay off the plethora of ad hominem attacks? Isn't it just easier to attack him for being a socialist with no experience, his massive and unjustified deficit spending, or his stance on any number of real issues?

    Attack with substance, not silliness - please.

  5. Yeah, we can do that too. I think Aristos does a rather thorough job of pointing out the major faults in Obama's policies. But since he was supposed to be such a "change" from Bush's foibles, it's funny to see him doing some of the same dumb things!


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