Thursday, April 09, 2009

Obama v. Pirates

Obama struggles to deal with the issue of piracy off the coast of Somalia. He is reluctant to use force.

That's irony, considering his domestic policies involve the threat of force against any who decline to submit to his tyranny.

So Obama will aim guns at Rick Wagoner and force him to step down (yes, any dictation from the federal government means the involvement of guns--just think about it: that's why we follow their BS), but Obama will step back and wait for the pirates in Somalia to make their next move.

That's leadership?

At least Lincoln didn't hesitate to kill several hundred-thousand opponents. He was a tyrant, yes, but he was a tyrant with a sack, at least.

Just look at the recent ado over North Korea. Obama said that North Korea had better not launch that rocket.

North Korea launched that rocket.

Obama did nothing.

This guy has all of his guns aimed at American taxpayers, and none of the guns are aimed at Americans' enemies.

When we hoped for a change from G. W. Bush, I doubt that this is what people expected. However, they should have remembered Aesop's fable about the frogs who wished for a king.


  1. Lame duck! Lame duck! Lame duck! Just remember, I called it! He'll be known as Jimmy Carter II (northern, darker complexion version). The big question: how long before a new party gains enough support to really change the political scene?

  2. Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!

    If only he wasn't such a fantastic orator, people would realize that he's a terrible president. He's FDR 2.0, now available in a Kenyan, non-cripple version. And his bowling skills are improving; I mean, what can we criticize him for now?

    Perhaps when the economy ceases to improve...

    Nah, we just didn't print up enough money to spend yet. "We need more time to fix what the scapegoat last administrator did."

    Bah Humbug!


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