Thursday, April 16, 2009

Natalie Recommends a Movie

I ask Natalie:
What do you expect from the new Hannah Montana movie?

Natalie answers:
It's going to be a great movie.

I ask, "Why?"

She says, "Because she gets to go back to Tennessee and remember what it's like to be at home."

I reply, "Isn't her home in California?"

She qualifies, "Technically yes, but she wants to know more about her roots back in Tennessee."

I prod, "I thought that going back to Tennessee was her dad's idea."

She fires back, "It was."

I attack, "Then what's all this about her wanting to know more about her roots?"

She explains, "He wants his country-girl back because she was getting too involved with being Hannah."

I conclude with the following question:
Should my readers go out and see the movie?

She states, "Yes."

I ask one more question:
How can you recommend a movie that you haven't even seen?

She responds, "Because I read the junior novel."

Just one more question:
Who will enjoy the movie more, BAR, Drew, or Bob Murphy?

She says, "Probably BAR, but I don't know why."

I snicker (because I do know why).

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  1. BAR Cyrus7:45 AM

    How did you know? Actually, Biobandit has been bugging me incessantly about it, so who am I to deny a loyal fan his veritable pilgrimage? We are giddy with anticipation!


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