Sunday, March 29, 2009

This government does not represent me. I did not vote for it, and I do not accept it. I pay taxes to it only because it threatens me with violence if I resist, and my negligible arsenal of shotguns, rifles, and one pistol--all for hunting--will not protect me.

I live in a tyranny.


  1. Hey, you're not alone. It also doesn't represent all of the people who voted for Obama, because they thought that by now, "I ain't gonna be po no mo!"
    Perhaps the only people truly represented by the government (besides the wealthy elite)are those who vote based on one issue, and win, knowing they will get nothing else from the election.

  2. You, my friend, find yourself in an odd place calling the organization that effectively signs your paycheck tyrannical for utilizing the means by which it gains this capacity.

    While I do not contest that this government is in many ways tyrannical, I would append that all governments are - just to different degrees. Hence your friend Bob suggests that the only righteous governmental system is anarcho-capitalism - in essence the lack of government intervention and the lack of tyranny. But until everyone becomes a Jesus-esque pacifist, I contend that such a system would be bound to fail. Yet, as no such system has ever been attempted, I must reserve judgment.

  3. Washington wore a redcoat when it was impractical not to do so.

  4. I'd rather be a "free agent."

    I'd make more money.

    The system would be better.

  5. LOL BAR9:19 PM

    That's assuming that anyone valued your opinions, or your extensive knowledge of alternative lifestyle fashions for the antebellum male, you pompous ass!!


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