Sunday, March 08, 2009

Screw DST

So, Mr. Obama, in your first one hundred days you manage to drag us further into serfdom, but you do nothing about this Daylight Savings crap.

Mark my words, I will use some time tomorrow to degrade you, Mr. President. You have assumed an unnatural amount of executive power, but you decided to allow this to pass?

Is it because the losers who elected you don't have to worry about getting up in the morning for a productive job?

I'll answer my own question here: of course that's why. You were elected by unskilled workers and the elites in Hollywood and the media. The millions of others who voted for you did so because they were not smart enough to have a.) studied history; b.) read the constitution; of c,) ever dared think for themselves.

Think on this, Obama, before your reelection bid:

If you get rid of DST, then the recipients of my hard work (i.e. those standing in welfare lines) will have an extra hour of rest--if you get rid of DST.

Seriously, you plan on sodomizing the blueprint set by the founding fathers, so why not take care of this B.S. while you're at it?


  1. I just found the caveat: If Obama's people are better rested, then they might think a little better for themselves--meaning they won't be Obama's people anymore.

    So there you go, Mr. Obama: bring on the Soma, and keep the DST.

  2. I don't see why DST is such a problem; only LOSERS forget to set their clocks to the correct time before they go to bed the night before!

  3. Some people do it at like 3 in the afternoon just so they can fool their kids. Hey look it's 8 o'clock now! Time for bed. Boy! This day really flew huh?


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