Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kiss My Arse, Franklin

This whole, "You lose an hour because we're too freekin' dumb to figure out time" crap really pisses me off.

Sure, I enjoy the day when we "gain" an hour," but it's not worth this crap.

Seriously, why is this necessary?

(Ironically, I ask this question when so many other questions are being answered wrongly).

If you reply to this promptly, then screw you.

It won't be eight at my house. It will be seven.

(And yes, I do pretend that someone who is not the victim of Daylight Savings Time will weigh in on this).


  1. It isn't necessary, at least as far as I'm concerned. I don't really benefit from the extra hour of daylight in the morning during the winter months. It's usually dark when I drive to school then. But I get really pissed during archery season when I get one hour less to hunt in the afternoon! Dairy farmers don't abide by DST because they have to milk the cows at the same time every day, and cows don't understand DST. I think it's just a conspiracy so that those who remember to change their clocks can laugh at those who forget and show up an hour late or early on those two days a year! Down with big government and down with daylight savings!

  2. I love Daylight savings time. Are you telling me that you would give up waiting with kids (who normally go to bed at 8) until after 10 o'clock on the 4th of July til it's dark enough to shoot off fireworks? You don't love the fact that in the winter you leave the house when it is dark and get home when it's dark? And why the hell are we on the same time zone with New York. The sun rises a full 37 minutes earlier there than here every day. Screw them. We should be like Nova Scotia. They had the ball to say Nay. We will not be an hour ahead of the rest of Eastern Canada. We will only be .5 hours ahead. Suck it Trebek!


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