Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drugs Are Bad, but the Drug War is Worse

The New York Times suggests that Obama's next foreign policy crisis is with Mexico.

It looks, to me, as if the whole issue hinges upon the Drug War.

So end the drug war, and end the crisis. This would save money and lives at home and abroad.

Drugs are bad. They can harm drug users. The Drug War, however, is worse because it leads to violence that harms non-drug users.

Besides, those who want to use drugs do so regardless of the law. They will harm themselves no matter what.

But making drugs illegal invites gangs and cartels to control the industry, and they cause violence that leads to extreme collateral damage.

We can't get rid of drugs, but we can get rid of the Drug War.

Hell, Obama, that's so freaking logical that I deserve a position in your cabinet.

The best part? I've paid my taxes.

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