Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Dumb Thought (That I Had)

I'm so jazzed about the upcoming Rock Band: Beatles game that is scheduled for release on 09/09/09. It might be enough to get Bob to pick up an XBox 360 so that we can jam to the Fab Four's best (after all, he was the one who got me to buy my first copy of the White Album).

That said, I had a rather absurd thought today.

I was in the Men's Room, just finishing a little after-too-many-fluids chore, when I thought to myself:

How awful would it be if something happened to me, and I died before the Beatles's game comes out?

Sure, that's the real tragedy, Aristos. You died in your early thirties and left behind a wife and three kids. But that kind of crap is old hat--happens every day. But to die before being able to press buttons in synch with Paul's bass on "We Can Work It Out," now that's a freaking catastrophe!

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  1. It took me an absurd amount of time to figure out when "09/09/09" is. I can't explain it.


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