Monday, March 23, 2009

The End Is Near!

Has anyone else noticed that as money-to-spare becomes more scarce for more people, the environmentalists have upped their "fear factor"?

The latest studies say that global warming is proceeding faster than previously thought.

That's an interesting assertion, since it comes at the exact time that people can't afford all of this "green" crap (e.g. light bulbs that say that they produce as much light with less energy but really produce just less light for more money).

This increase of urgency is merely the last stand of those who knew that they had nothing upon which to stand in the first place.

Tomorrow, I'm going to buy an incandescent light bulb that gives off sixty watts because it burns at sixty watts.

Al Gore can burn in Hell. If not now, then I'll settle for later.


  1. If you visit we can egg his house. (He lives in Nashville--and not on the poor side of the tracks.)

  2. I may take you up on that offer.

    Question: Should we use organic/"eco-friendly" eggs for the irony?

  3. Aristos, you kind of sounded like Denis Leary. Are you writing a new verse to his famous song?
    "I use incandescent light bulbs that cause more pollution;
    Al Gore can kiss my ass 'cause he's not the solution!
    I'm an a--hole!"


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