Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not a Reason to Vote

How about that pro-Obama commercial in which people say why their going to vote?

There's the one where the person says something like, "I'm registering to vote because I make less than two gallons of gas an hour." Another says something like, "I'm registering because it cost more to fill up my tank than my mom makes in a day."

My question: What in the heck does the president have to do with this?

You're going to vote simply because a candidate promises you more money? That's essentially what this advertisement suggests that you should do.

Using the coercive powers of government to line your pockets (which won't happen anyway) is the same as pointing a gun at a stranger in the alley and saying, "Your money or your life."

1 comment:

  1. They may as well vote for the leader of China, since both of these 'tards will have to borrow more money from them to fund this crazy bribes of the populace. Thanks, George W., for the tax "rebate" check. Thanks for the trend of fake generosity. And thank you, UCS, for my non-existent cost of living raise. I'm bitter and I'm angry, dammit!


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