Monday, October 20, 2008

End the Two-Party Madness

The fact that "Joe the Plumber" and "Joe Six-Pack" are issues in this election just goes to show why our system is sick. Indeed, the false two-party system is so sick that it needs to expire. Let both parties die, asphyxiated by their own crap.

What should replace them? If not a party dedicated to the principles of the Constitution, then nothing at all.

I'm sick of being told that if I don't support X, then I support Y. That's a ridiculous and baseless conclusion. Of course if I don't support X then I might support Y, but I might also support Z or A or B or any single or combination of letters ad infinitum.

What bugs me most is that people won't just let go. I am unwilling to bind others to my beliefs, but so many others are willing to use violence against me if I do not step to their time.

Listen to what the republican and democratic candidates for president say they are going to do, and compare it to what the president is actually supposed to do according to the Constitution.

These men are not running for president. They are running for king or for emperor, and if you vote for one of them then you are a traitor who must never say the part of the pledge of allegiance "and to the Republic for which it stands."

Does it not bother anyone else that the founding fathers would look upon our current system with the utmost disdain?

Who put us here? The answer is twofold: 1) The republicans and democrats; 2) The people who elect republicans and democrats.

Alas, how like a classical Greek tragedy is this country?


  1. What did Washington say about political parties? Anyone? Anyone?

  2. He said that they sucked and that his teeth--or tooth--really hurt.

  3. At least he didn't go to Congress and ask for a dental bailout plan! I bet there were plenty of citizens who would have temporarily benefited from such a bailout at the time. Heck, there are plenty of Americans today who would benefit from a dental bailout, but let's not tell anybody. We have enough to pay for already.


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