Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mark LaRusso

Only two hours ago, I was sitting comfortably in my family room, reclining on one of our new-used chairs, and thoroughly engrossed in Casino Royale. Suddenly--just after Bond destroyed an embassy in Madagascar--Natalie (age 8) came bursting through the front door to tell me that Mark (age 5) had just kicked a neighbor boy, Michael (also age 5), and Michael was crying.

Oh Jeez, I thought to myself. Perhaps the Karate lessons weren't such a good idea.

I quickly went out side, and across the street two houses down. There sat Mark on the lawn, surrounded by several other neighbor children. He looked upset (like a boy who knew he was in trouble should look). Michael was nearby, clutching his left humerus and wearing a painful look.

I told Mark to go home and wait for me on the living room couch. He looked scared, but he obeyed. Next, I asked Michael if he was OK. Michael said that he was OK, but that Mark had kicked him in the arm and in the face. I told Michael that I was very sorry and that I would take care of it.

Before going home, I asked the eldest two of the kids present if they'd come with me for a minute. I asked both what had happened, and who had started it.

Both answered that Michael had taken Mark's hat, tackled, and hit Mark when he (Mark) had tried to recover his hat. That's when Mark kicked Michael once in the arm and once in the face.

I went inside and asked Mark what happened, and he told the same story.

Having the story confirmed as such, I did not think that any punishment was due to Mark beyond having him stay inside for the rest of the evening. Anyone who disagrees must think that Daniel san should have just let Johnny and the rest of the Cobra Kai have their way.

I did, however, explain that it would have been better for him to have come home and gotten me rather than duke it out. However, part of me wanted to tell him "Good job" because, man, I hate bullies--and I love when they get their due.


  1. Spelling P.A.8:48 PM

    That's "humerus", Aristos. Otherwise, the story is funny for no good reason.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    This is what happens when a right winger like you raises children- they turn violent and attack others.

  3. How am I a right-winger?

  4. Anonymous #21:06 PM

    Did "anonymous" read? Mark was defending himself, not attacking.

  5. Surrealist2:26 PM

    Because you're always right, obviously.

  6. Grandma2:32 PM

    I am so glad you did not jump all over Mark before you got the "whole" story. That same Michael did the same thing to Mark when I was out there a few months ago, I saw the whole thing happen. Michael played it up then too but I told his mom what really went down and she did nothing about it so my guess is she never will.

  7. Do you think anonymous is also aconservativeteacher?


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