Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Vote 2008

I have decided not to vote for president. My reason is simple and just: no one running is good for the job--and yes, I've looked at third party candidates.

Bob Barr sounds pretty good, but I cannot forget things that he's said and done in the past.

On the bright side, I can honestly tell people that I have no part whatsoever in the crap to come.

On the darker side, there are millions of people who are more than willing to saddle me with their crappy president.


  1. What about Pat Buchannan and Lyndon LaRouche?

  2. So at the risk of a very long response/rant, what are these candiates missing that would make them "good" for the job? What exactly makes someone "good" for the job?? I personally think anyone would be crazy to want the job but we need someone to step forward and try to do it.

  3. How about the balls to back the executive branch out of people's lives and eliminate most federal departments? That, and a working knowledge of the Constitution.

  4. I'll echo bar's sentiments. Neither McCain nor Obama seems to have a working knowledge of the Constitution--or worse, they know but don't care.

  5. aconservativeteacher9:48 AM

    Don't do it man- vote against Obama in the most effective way possible. You have a choice to stop Hitler from rising to power- if you vote for no one or third party, you will have played a role in bringing him to power. In your high and mighty moral castle, you might be safe- but in your real house, your real possessions, you will not be. Vote for McCain. Just pull the lever.

  6. aconservativeteacher:

    I think you're trying to bait me into a rant. That's the only way that I can explain why someone would write such a terrible argument.

    The longer we tolerate to vote for shit, the longer we will have shit in office. Obama is shit. McCain is shit. And I won't vote for shit, and I don't care if one stinks worse and has particles of corn in it. Shit is shit.

    It was your last line, "Pull the lever" that gave you away, bar.

  7. the real BAR2:32 PM

    I don't know why "pull the lever" would make you think it was me, but you're wrong. I completely disagree with aconservativeteacher's argument and would refute any "sins of omission" if Obama were to become president of the executive branch of the national government, just one little office of thousands in this democracy and federal system. It wasn't me. I would guess Biobandit if you're intent on figuring out who wrote it so anonymous-like.

  8. Real bar:

    I thought that it was a pun--pull the lever to punch the card and John Gault's lever to stop the world.

  9. Also, I thought that you were just trying to get under my skin with such a terrible argument--the kind of argument that has led us into this pile of crap system that we have.

  10. Now that I think about it, I have one other idea for aconservativeteacher's identity. In fact, it makes sense. He's a good guy who just can't look at his political party and call it what it is.



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