Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A Christian who acts outside of biblical axioms is a heretic.

An American who acts outside of constitutional axioms is a republican or a democrat.

Listen, folks. We don't need to burn them at the stake. We just need to form a new party to stop them.

Know that men such as McCain and Obama can cite scripture for their own purpose (as Shakespeare said of the Devil in The Merchant of Venice).

Listen to what both men said in their debates. Can you doubt that they would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven?

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  1. We all act outside of biblical axioms. But heretics refuse to recognize their sin and repent. Instead, they act as if they have nothing to repent. In this case, Obama and McCain are still heretics to the Constitution because they refuse to admit they speak a false message. I've been thinking of names for a new party, but haven't come up with anything catchy and appropriate yet. But I do agree that Americans would be better off if most of us(or all of us)voted for anybody else.


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