Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm Agitated

All this talk of the bailout bill granting new powers to the Executive Branch has me really upset. Why am I the only one pointing out that a simple bill from Congress cannot create new executive powers.

Only a constitutional amendment can do this.

This usurpation of authority is the stuff of which rebellions are born. I mean, it's really getting on my nerves--to the extent that my thoughts nowadays aren't so much about how the government must be changed, but how it must be brought down. I don't just wish to see certain men defeated in elections. I want them brought up on charges of tyranny and treason.

The thing is, I don't wish to be the kind of guy who wants to "bring it all down." I want peace. I want a constitutionally limited government that is true to its charter: to protect the life, liberty, and property of each and every citizen.

I curse the men who have brought us here, and I despise the voters who have put those men in power.

It's time to be angry. It's time to be afraid.


  1. It's only a matter of time before the U.S. becomes the American Empire, with a divine ruler. It won't be McCain or Obama, and it won't be this decade. But after a decade of economic disparity, some general will lead us into war,assume complete control, and refuse to give it back after the war. All because we're living in a nation of idiots, all distracted by NCLB, Social Security, health care, welfare, demanding a job (disguised begging), etc. How many people actually realize how far from legality the federal government is operating today?

  2. Surrealist.3:40 PM

    Bar- you're about half right. That general will probably come to power, but won't be able to assume 'complete' control. The nation will more likely to split into factions and civil war between totalitarians and free people. And alot of people know that the federal government is hardly legal anymore, they just really can't do much about it.

    The government we have makes me not want to reproduce; the future we might be facing is one I'd hate to force someone to live in.

  3. In times of war, especially when a country actually fears defeat and foreign rule (we haven't seen that in a while, but the Cold War had most of the elements), the people of a nation will come together to protect their "freedom". The control assumed during such a time can be difficult to resist, especially when it is labeled "traitorous" or "unpatriotic". The government has continued to improve its ways of maintaining support and keeping track of critics. I think the military would be used to prevent the formation of groups capable of armed resistance.


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