Thursday, December 04, 2008

No More Bail Outs!

Yes, there's an element of sincere "too bad" for the unskilled who must suffer at the demise of the Big 3.

However, while those in Detroit plead for money, who really thinks of from where this money comes?

Is it right that carpenters or street sweepers or basic freaking clerks in places as fare away from Detroit as Honolulu to Key West should have to forfeit their property to "bail out" the people of metro Detroit?

Should I have to lose because my next-door neighbor lost his job and is in foreclosure? If not, then the proposed "loans" to the Big 3 are wrong. If so, then you have no concept whatsoever of individual or property rights and should, according to T.S. Eliot, pay you respects to either Hitler or Stalin.

Yes, if the Big 3 fail, then many people will be without jobs. However, this is how economies improve. Imagine if the telegraph industry was propped up by the government. Would you utilize it, or would you say, "Why in the Hell are you even in business?"

When the fields dried up, the Okies moved away. Should they have stayed and grown scant crops on ruined soil?

You know the answer, Sentiment alone is what keeps you from admitting the solution.

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  1. Howling Mad Murdoch6:54 PM

    Couldn't agree more.

    If you run a company into shit then it should fail. Someone will buy out the auto companies and things will continue with new owners. I feel bad for everyone losing their jobs. That being said I won't buy a car on patriotism alone. I know everyone says the quality of American cars is way better than the past, but my personal experience does not show that.

    My 2001 Town and Country (nicknamed Country Time because of its lemon qualities) is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned. My Mom has a 2004 version. Crap. I have a '95 Buick Regal. Something breaks on it monthly. The rear brakes were engineered so poorly that they freeze up about every 9 months despite having the calipers replaced twice in the last three years. I had a Pontiac Grand Am. Should of been a Pontiac Grand Damn This is a Shitty Car. Both my minivan and Buick have around 90000 miles on them.

    Conversely, my wife owned a subaru when we got married. It had 170000 miles on it and ran great. We had no problems with it at all until the a-holes at Jiffy Lube cross threaded the oil pan drain plug and the oil drained out and the heads cracked.

    After that we bought a Honda Accord. It had around 120000 miles on it before we sold it due to our expanding family and needing more room. Again no major problems at all.

    My car in high school and college was a Honda Civic. That one had a recall on the seatbelt. And the muffler was really low and I liked to drive through fields, so I had to replace that several times. That was a relatively cheap repair. Other than that, no problems. I had it for 14 years and put 150000 miles on it.

    Now everyone tells me I need to buy American if I love my country. I say that's BS. Both my Honda's were made in U.S. factories by American hands. Sure profits went overseas, but I know that they were used to make improvements to already great vehicles.

    We have been looking at purchasing a new minivan. Doing the research, foreign cars seem to constantly be cheaper to buy, have better fuel efficiency, and have better reviews.

    Why bail-out a failing industry when there is already a replacement available. Reduce, reorganize, make yourself viable or go away and let someone take your place who can do it better.


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