Sunday, December 14, 2008


There cannot logically be proof in the contradictions, but so many exist that there must be something to them.

We rely upon nature such that we call her mother. However, today she battered me with winds and damn near froze me to death while looking for the perfect Christmas tree to display in our home as a symbol that in some way must at least tip the hat to the beauty and generosity of nature.

P.S. I wrote this on a whim in about 35 seconds. I will most likely regret not thinking more about it before writing it--just as I now regret doing karaoke at my work Christmas party after a few too many rum and diet Cokes.

I've always been "the loud guy."

Now I'm "the loud guy who sings way the hell out of key."


  1. Wow, you really went all out at that Christmas party! First the jizz in the pants joke flop, then drunk karaoke? Any dignity left, Aristos?

  2. What song(s)? If and when we meet up again, we need to hit the karaoke bar. Ask our friends Sam and Mark from college days...they have seen the Karaoke King with their own eyes. I do a mean Bobby Darin.

  3. Howling Mad Murdoch6:58 PM

    I don't know I thought we did a killer job of .... What was that song we sang at the Landing? I seem to have trouble remembering.


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