Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Wishes Amended

In her post, Natalie wished that everyone's Christmas wishes come true. I would like to disagree.

If your Christmas wishes are good, then that is fine. However, if your Christmas wish is for something bad, like war or government intervention into the economy and/or personal liberties, then I say screw you.

Who in the heck would make such an awful Christmas wish? How about Barack Obama (I wish for everyone's money to be under my control), Dick "Dick" Chaney (If you wage war; I will come), Adolf Hitler (the Final Solution), or Fred Savage (If you have a sub-literate script, I will act in it)?

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  1. I had some extra time with my history class, but no guitar. So I turned on the TV, and Biden was explaining, along with Summers (Treasury Sec.?) and Melody (some other powerful, unnecessary title)about plans to help the economy. He (Biden) said something to the effect of, "In times like these, it is far worse for the government to do too little than too much." I almost called the Vice-President Elect a bad name in front of a class of 8th graders! This is the end...beautiful friend (capitalism), the end.


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