Saturday, July 05, 2008

Two Things

Two things.

If you like good drama and writing, then see There Will Be Blood. The ending is not startling. It's perfect.

Also, my son wants to take Karate. What kind of man would stand in the way of that? I not only enjoyed my training in Chinese Kenpo and Tae Kwan Do (the latter was far more useful, even though I progressed two belts farther on the other), but it gave me a confidence that exceeds my physical appearance.

Initially, I look like a fat, soft guy (the baby face that hasn't aged since I was sixteen doesn't help either). However, I can carry myself with the knowledge that I can defend myself.

The irony is that all three of my "bloody"/"punching" fights occurred before my martial arts training (of the three, I clearly won two, and the third was a draw).

I've never had the opportunity to misdirect an opponent's attack, break his arm at the elbow, break his nose with my knee, and explain to the authorities why I had to do what I did. However, I know how to do this, and I can envision it perfectly. I'm not bragging here. Indeed, anyone with more than three years of martial arts training is likely to hand me my teeth in a handbag. I'm just saying that I feel that, under normal circumstance (i.e. against an average Joe Blow, no matter how big) I have a good chance of prevailing.

My daughter also wants to take karate, and when I think of how predatory young boys can be (and how malicious other young girls can be), I cannot help but think that such training will be an invaluable asset.

Call me antiquated (i.e. "old school"), but I think that young ones need the confidence to carry themselves on the schoolyard and beyond.

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