Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Choice

It seems that most of Hollywood's elite (i.e. rather uneducated--but pretty) support Barack Obama for president.

There's one reason (among many others) to oppose the senator from Illinois.

Unfortunately, there are many who think that opposition to Obama must mean support for McCain.

Tsk tsk.

Let's say that you want to bake cookies.

Some a-hole from Hollywood says, "You know what would make these cookies great? Try some cyanide."

Then there's some other a-hole from, lets just say Arizona, who says, "No, what these cookies need is some arsenic."

In both of these cases, you would (I hope) be keen enough to tell both the person from Hollywood and Arizona to eat feces and expire (I edited my choice words because I knew that Golf Guy would object).

And yet, the two candidates for this country's major (but not only--dammit) political parties are Obama and McCain.

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