Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poll Results

My "Who Would Make the Better President" poll is within a day of completion. Given the relatively few readers of this blog, I am pleased with the turnout.

Ron Paul clearly won, which means that most people who read this blog see things the way that I do.

John McCain came in tied at second, with three votes, which means that Golf Guy voted two times after his initial vote--next stop, Florida!

Adolf Hitler came in tied at second with McCain, and this disappoints me. For as much as I dislike McCain, he is no Hitler; and the idiot(s) who voted for Hitler were (I pray) merely fudging up the poll.

Barrack Obama came in third, with only two votes.

Any suggestions for the next poll?

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  1. Surrealist.4:35 PM

    Do one about which freedom we think our government will limit/deny next. It suits this blog.


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