Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I Hate

Originally, I called this blog "What I Hate," and I intended to use it as a vent for my frustrations that run the political, economic, and social spectra. However, after a month of posts exclusively on what I hated (e.g. those who would limit freedom of speech, taxes, global warming alarmists, and a few others), I realized that, as master of my domain (well, yes, technically is the master of this domain, but I digress), I could post on lighter themes--virtually anything that I wanted.

Hence the current title: "What I Think."

Essentially, this blog has no theme beyond what the title "What I Think" suggests. Since my thoughts rage from one extreme to the other and all around in between, it's an eclectic hodgepodge of anecdotes, rants, observations, and other miscellanea.

However, in a return to this blog's roots, allow me to note some things that I hate.

1) I hate having to pay for my daughter's dance lessons just so that I can pay to go to a 3-4 hour recital at which I watch her do two dances.

2) I hate the term "book smart," which is usually uttered by people who aren't "book smart", which is usually because they aren't very smart.

3) I hate American Idol. If I ever do forsake the first commandment, my idol will be a heck of a lot better than some guy (or gal--mine is an equal opportunity hatred) who just so happens to be really awesome at karaoke.

4) I hate people who justify an act of government on grounds that the constitution doesn't prohibit it. Read Amendment X.

5) I hate Vince, that Sham Wow guy. What's with the headset? You're not speaking to a crowd of slack-jawed yokels at a county fair; you're making an ad on television. Lose the headset. By the way, new from the makers of Sham Wow (not recommended for young readers)--The ShamPon.

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