Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama the Great

My mother is out for a visit for the next ten days. This morning--the first of her visit--we were chatting over coffee when I told her and my wife of the whole PETA complaint over Obama assassinating a fly on television.

To my horror, my own dear mother said, "I know that you won't agree with me, but I really like him."

"Obama?" I asked.

"Yes," she clarified. "He seems to be a good man with a good family."

"What has he done as president that has been so good?" I challenged.

Her brilliant retort: "Well the economy was screwed up before he was president; it's screwed up now; and it'll most likely be screwed up after."

I noted silently that this did not identify a single good thing about Obama as president, but I didn't press her on it--she is, after all, my mother; and academically unprepared for such a debate. I simply agreed that the economy was and is bad, but added that pretty much everything Obama has said he will do to fix the problem will end up making it worse. I even offered her some excellent reading on the subject.

Still, it just bugs me. I ask what's so great about Obama as president, and I get "He didn't cause the economic problems that we have now."

Other great things about Obama as president:
  1. Obama did not launch nuclear missles California and New Jersey.
  2. Obama did not bite off part of Evander Holyfield's ear.
  3. Obama did not rip off people in the nation's largest ever ponzie scheme.

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