Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poor Republicans

A recent headline for a article reads "GOP has self-esteem issues, poll says

Some people are unnaturally insecure and suffer unjustly from low self-esteem. However, I think that the GOP has been such a steaming pile of crap for so long that it's only natural that it should have self-esteem issues.

The good news, if the poll is correct, is that maybe the GOP will take steps to redeem itself...

Dang, I almost typed that out with a straight face, but I just can't. It seems that Republican consultant Phil Musser thinks the solution to the GOP's problem is
We need to be smarter about how we deliver our message and adopt the playbook essentially that's has been owned by the left -- about how we build grassroots movements using new and innovative technology standards
No lesson learned here. It's not that the Republican Party is a hodgepodge of quasi-fascist warmongers and fiscal illiterates. It's that they don't Twitter!

Hey, Republicans, get this: It's not how you're delivering your message! It's the message.

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