Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I Haven't Posted

I haven't posted in awhile, and some might wonder why. The answer is simple. There are only so many ways that I can say that the federal government caused this economic situation, and the government's policies to get us out of it will only make things worse.

How many times must I say that while we do indeed need change, Obama's brand of "change" isn't what we want or need? Hitler was a change for Germany. Enough said about "change" insofar as people think that it is intrinsically good.

If I were to post something now, it would be mean, nasty, and borderline seditious. Ergo, I defer.

How awful must it have been for the Russians to have to wish for the Soviet regime to fail? It's sad when patriots must actually oppose their country.


  1. Surrealist.6:09 PM

    I weep for my country.

  2. Weep for yourself. It's not as though your country seems really to give a damn. It's leaders--elected by the majority--are running amok, looting here and tyrannizing there. The think about a country with popular sovereignty is this--when the country goes bad, it's the people's fault.

  3. That last sentence should begin as "The thing about a country..."

  4. Surrealist.9:42 PM

    Then I weep for the faults of my people.


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