Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Leader?

In reference to Barack Obama, one of my local news programs just posted a promo asking what people from our state want from our new leader.

Let me make this clear. Barack Obama is not legally our leader. According to the Constitution, he is the head of the executive branch.

That's it.

He's a well-publicized cop, whose job is to enforce the laws passed by congress.

If you think that Obama is this country's leader, then you need to change your party affiliation to (M)--for monarchist.

For freaking sake, read Article II of the United States Constitution. That includes you, "aconservativeteacher," who has lent his pragmatic support to a candidate who does not value the constitutional limitations of a president (just look at what the guy said that he'd do as "president".)

Even if the president can be considered a leader, can he be considered my leader? I didn't vote for him! If government exists by the consent of the governed, then I don't have a freaking government because I don't freaking consent to it.

If you think that Obama is my leader nonetheless, then you must think of me as a slave who has no say in who his master is.

I decline to be a slave, and if you insist that I must be one, then I challenge you to a private meeting in a dark, out of the way place. I will defend my freedom, and you will know the meaning of the motto "Sic semper tyrannis."

This is not a boast. I dare you to try to make me a slave.

See what happens.

What's your defense--that he won the election? As if tyrants have never been elected! Check German political history. See that Adolf Hitler was ELECTED to the chancellorship.

Seriously, meet me in that dark, out of the way place. As far as I am concerned, it will mean one less tyrant for this world. My conscience can live with that.

Brutus was not a traitor. He was a hero.

This world didn't need a Caesar then, and it doesn't need a Caesear now. And if he looked at me and said, "Et tu, brute?" I would answer "Etiam!"

Nemo me impune lacessit.


  1. Surrealist.3:32 PM

    According to the Italian president, at least our leader is "Young, handsome, and tan."

  2. But Michelle is no Mrs. Sarkozy!


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