Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Civics Quiz

Bob Murphy posted a link to this Civics Quiz on his blog, Free Advice.

He notes from another source that elected officials who have taken the quiz average a mere 44%.

That's shocking, but it's not really surprising.

I scored 32/33 correct.

I missed the last one.

But I don't really understand why my answer was wrong.

Take the quiz and post your scores as comments.


  1. 28/33. Not as good as Aristos, but then again I don't arrogantly boast about my near genius. 44% is really pathetic. What did Ron Paul score?

  2. I don't boast about my "near" genius. Remove the adjective.

    Ron Paul probably wasn't allowed to take the test. He'd make McCain and Obama look bad.

  3. 25. Not bad for a science teacher.
    I'm pissed though because I had 5 others correct and then changed my answer. Dummy.

  4. I also got 32 out of 33, getting the last one wrong- although I also don't know why. Perhaps when I get my Master's I'll be smarter and understand why!

  5. Good point, Murdock, about a 75% being not bad for a science guy.

    However, to listen to scientist talk in these days, they should be scoring 35/33.

  6. 31 out of 33.
    Learned from the best, naturally.

    All you have to do to get the last one right is use math skills.

  7. I used math skills. X-X=0. What's wrong with that?

  8. Did you guys think the answer was (A)? There's a difference between debt and deficit. E.g. in some fiscal years in the Clinton Administration, the government took in more tax revenues than it spent. So (in terms of cashflow) it actually ran a surplus. But the national debt was still huge.

  9. Bob:

    I did not make the distinction between deficit and debt, which--as you pointed out--was my error.

    What sucks is that I didn't even look closely at the other choices because I was so sure of (A)--an oversight which any decent teacher will tell you to avoid.


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