Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Mark Videos

In this first video--captured by cell phone, so I apologize for the resolution--you see Mark's big run in today's game.

The second video is less impressive, but more amusing. Mark wants to play ice hockey, so we have him in skating lessons. This past Thursday was a "Free Skate," so he and all of the students were able just to skate around. I was reading a Harry Turtledove novel, but I looked up at one point to see how Mark was doing. I thought that he was convulsing or something, but then I realized that he was dancing. To add to my horror, he was dancing to a High School Musical Song.

After the "Free Skate," I asked him why he was dancing. He said, "Duh, it's an awesome song!"


  1. Grandma7:12 PM

    Mark dances about as good as his old man!

  2. Nice to see Mark in his "Blades of Glory." Look out, Boitano, here comes Mark!

  3. Is that the Robot he is doing? Or is it the Robo-boogie?


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