Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank You. Thank You Very Much

I recently shaved my beard and mustache in order to accommodate my Halloween costume.

I have a white, flare-bottomed jumpsuit with a sequins eagle on the chest.

The back of my neck is shrouded by the jumpsuit's high collar and three red scarves.

My face is enveloped by two massive sideburns.

I am Elvis.

A photograph will be available as soon as my buddy, Scott, emails it to me.

Side note:
When I mentioned that I hated shaving the beard, a friend of mine who is into psychoanalysis said that beards symbolize insecurity, as if the bearded man is hiding from something.

I replied that psychoanalysis of a beard's symbolic value is mere deflection, as if the psychoanalyzer is deflecting from the fact that he is a douche bag.

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