Friday, October 23, 2009

American Czars

Why aren't more people bothered by the number of so-called "Czars" in the executive branch? There's a "Pay Czar," for God's sake.

"Czar" from the Russian "Tsar" from the Roman "Caesar." A word that is incompatible with constitutional government. It goes to show how worthless our Constitution has become--"An old bitch gone in the teeth." to borrow from Ezra Pound's imagery in "Hugh Selwyn Mauberly."

American Czars? Pay Czars? The federal government gets to decide how much people should be paid? Will this decision supposedly be based upon job performance? If so, then the salaries of most federal employees--including and especially congress and the president--should be slashed.

Still think that the "crazies" who stockpile weapons for the ultimate defense of their liberties are simply nutjobs? Maybe they have no chance against the might of the federal government, but that doesn't mean that they're wrong about the nature of this leviathan. Do you not see the terrible direction that these trends are taking us?

I know what needs to be done with all of the Caesar nonsense.

And you?

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  1. Czar BAR9:06 AM

    Diocletian and Constantine tried to control pay and prices, even preventing people from leaving failing occupations to find better ones. The result: Economic collapse. Where did all the tax money go? The government and the military. Any similarities today? This is basic stuff, what any 9th grader who pays attention in history class should know.

    Aristos, did you get that forward I sent you? This rant sounds like you did.


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