Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not a Coronation, For Christ's Sake!

Listening to some people talk about Obama's inauguration feels like at noon today, Jesus of Nazareth returned to Earth in order to usher in an eternal period of peace and prosperity.

If only Obama's policies pointed towards that at all. He still figures an alliance with Israel, which means that we can have no peace. His economic recovery plan involves both increasing spending and reducing taxes. While the latter is beneficial, the former is detrimental. As with FDR, we are in for some hard times and for a long while.

Most people who spoke of the inauguration spoke as if it was more of a coronation, as if we were anointing a new king.

And yet, according to the Constitution--which he just swore to uphold--Obama is hardly a king.

According to the Constitution, he is in Commander-in-Chief of the military. He also has the power to make treaties, so long as the Senate approves those treaties. He also has the power to appoint federal judges, including those to the Supreme Court--again, so long as the Senate approves of his appointments. Finally, he has the power to pardon criminals.

That's it.

Read Article II of the Constitution.

If you wish for him to have more powers, then you are no friend of mine, for you recommend unlimited government, and unlimited government is the friend only to tyrants (read your history books).

For God's sake, people, come to your senses. Why should you believe a man who promises you the world when he hasn't the power to deliver it?

Is it because he speaks so eloquently (an assumption with which I, at least, must disagree)?

Is it because he's a minority? Is this grounds for electing a man as president?

Based upon what this man says he intends to do, he is not of the ilk that make for good presidents.

So tell me, why do you support him?


  1. Is it because he speaks so eloquently (an assumption which I, at least, must disagree)?

    You might want to insert a preposition or something into that sentence, to mitigate the irony.

  2. 100% of the African Americans interviewed on Tuesday by the TV news said something about it being such a great day because the first black president was elected. I fear the minority president is just a novelty distracting people from the failing two-party system. A year from now, one won't be able to tell Obama's policies from Clinton or Carter.

  3. He sounds like a robot. His tone never changes.

    And as for that 'change' that's happening... well, I feel like my skin is a little darker. But that might just be the dark foreboding in my heart. I worry about the future.


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