Monday, September 01, 2008

Mark on Presidential Politics

This is just me tinkering with the video from my cell phone and seeing if I could easily post it.

The clip is of Mark as he devours a giant ice cream cone. If you notice how much ice cream is on it, consider that he's already eaten at least a third of it by the time of video.


  1. Congratulations your son is an idiot. It's pretty damn obvious what Ron Paul's stance on ice cream would be. Even a 3 year old could answer that one. NO response?! After 23 seconds of thought. This isn't rocket science. However after the FDA is eliminated their very well might be rocket fuel in the ice cream. (this is a joke, we all know that there is already rocket fuel in the ice cream even with the FDA.) Salmonella is in the tomatoes... no wait the jalapenos... no wait the onions. Aw hell! Just don't eat salsa O.K.?

    Holy shit! The FDA is anti-mexican!

  2. Notice how Mark laughs at the question. It's not that he doesn't know what to say, it's that the question is absurd. His chuckle of a response was to guys like you, Murdock, who will probably vote for McCain because McCain has an ice cream policy. It goes like this:

    "I was locked in a Vietnamese hellhole of a prison for years. During this time I was repeatedly beaten and tortured in other ways. Specifically, I was deprived of ice cream. Which I why I am proud to sponsor my latest "ice cream initiative" which will provide tax credits to all lower and middle-class Americans who wish to enjoy a frozen dairy desert after a long day of working hard to make this still the greatest country on Earth."

  3. The FDA is first and foremost anti-American.

  4. Surrealist.3:53 PM

    And then second and secondmost, the FDA is probably anti-Ron Paul, because he would fight against rocket fuel, salmonella, corruption, tyranny, and other unhealthy things the FDA supports.

  5. Maybe he's not big on words but he sure is CUTE!



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