Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and Hope

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about Hurricane Gustav was that this time so many people left the area. Far fewer stayed under the assumption that Uncle Sam would, could, or should come down to save them.


  1. Surrealist.3:56 PM

    I've heard nothing too bad about this hurricane, other than it being, well, a deadly storm.

    In other news, when would be a good time for a Crossen Convention? We really want to see you.

  2. It is amazing what it will take to knock common sense into people.

    Side note: Jim Croce rocks! Well, not literally.

  3. But didn't so many people leave because Uncle Sam (Nagel / Jingle) forced them to?

    So I view it as: Katrina comes in, breaks the Army Corps' levees, kills a bunch of people, FEMA turns away private aid packages, etc. A few years pass, a mild storm comes through, government orders everyone to leave their houses (so they can be burgled), etc.

  4. I think that a large number of people began leaving before the mandatory evacuation, and it was of those people I was writing.


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