Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nature or Nurture?

I am a father, so I often brag.

Following his end of the year review, Mark's exit exams ranked his intelligence as "superior."

That's a point for those who think that we are the sum of our genes...

Then again, he does live with me, so that's also a point for environment...

Will we ever settle this debate?


  1. Biobandit and I had a similar discussion about nature or nurture on another site. I hope for Mark's sake that he has straight genes.

  2. Ouch. A little harsh, are we?

  3. He's a big, gay boy. He can take it.

  4. Don't mind BAR. He's one of those who shrouds his closet homosexuality with brazen homophobia.

    Seriously. He listens to Journey, for God's sake.


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