Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hurricane Katrina Whiners

FEMA has recently announced that all people currently living in federally founded trailer parks need to find their own residences. The wastefully ineffectual wing of the executive branch stated that the deadline is Sunday (but, at the same time, they promised that no one remaining would be evicted--how's that for setting a deadline?

Many wonder what the displaced people will do, since jobs and housing are scarce in the region.

Here's an idea. Move. Comedian Sam Kinnison said it best, about how really to help the starving people in Africa. Don't send food. Send U-Hauls. If you don't like the effects of hurricanes, then move the hell out of hurricane central. Seriously, if you don't like tobacco smoke, then you choose the no-smoking section of a restaurant. And yes, it's just that simple. I don't like really cold weather, so I don't live in Nome, Alaska. I don't like really hot weather, so I don't live in Death Valley, California--not that I love the winters and summers in Michigan, but they are tolerable.

But FEMA isn't willing to leave one vagrant behind:

"FEMA found an apartment in Baton Rouge for [29 year old Alton] Love and his daughter, who lived at a New Orleans housing project before Katrina."

To me, that sounds like Alton Love's damn job, but whatever. He has a habitable place reserved for him in the state's capitol--yeah feds!

And still the socialists whine, "But after the government pays for the first month, Love has to pay the rent."

Is that supposed to be alarming to us, that the man will have to pay rent for living in someone else's property? Should you or I have to pay rent for this man? Hell no. If this guy won't get a job and provide for himself and his daughter, then relocate him about 200 miles south of Baton Rouge.

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