Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Take a Stand!

Men really have gotten the short end of the stick for all of the "progress" that women have made socially.

Thanks to the feminists, it is now pure, sexist bigotry to question why women would want careers.

However, I'd like to point something out. It's all fine and dandy that a woman can want and have a career. I don't oppose that. What chaps my hide is what it did for men.

A woman choosing a career isn't simply a case of her making a choice about her life. It's also a case of screwing men over (and less, when the ladies come home tired from work...) by loading us up with the household responsibilities that they abandoned.

I am the primary breadwinner in the family, but since my wife also works (her choice), I now have to change diapers, empty the dishwasher, and all sorts of other stuff that I did not choose.

How is that fair? It's not like I have been able to delegate any of the masculine housework to my wife. I sure as hell can't go up to my wife and say, "Open this jar of pickles," or "Eek! Kill that spider/mouse/malicious intruder!" or "Honey, don't you think that it's time to mow the lawn/change the oil in the car/fix the (enter any household noun)."

We men have been ripped off, and I think that it's time that we went on strike. Since we haven't the will-power to pull a Lysistrata style of boycott, I say that we must boycott other things. For every diaper that you have to change--that's a spider that she has to kill. For every dishwasher that you have to load/empty--that's a jar of something that you ask her to open. Do you get the drift, guys?

Men of the world, unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains.


  1. Samir, Tyrone, & Nishtos8:17 PM

    My dear friend GAristosj!

    We have been putting our women in their places for years! Before it is too late, arrange a marriage for your daughter with one of our sons, and discourage her from learning anything at school! You must break the cycle of feminism!

  2. Surrealist3:23 PM

    So pretty much you're complaining about being married, having kids, and being a homeowner. Overall, complaining about being alive.

    And to whomever commented before me, I would just like to say: Please go back to the Middle East, the Dark Ages, your mother's house, or wherever you came from, and leave those of us who like freedom alone.

  3. It actually started as an impromptu rant at work, during which I thought to myself that it would make a good--albeit absurd--post.

    However, there is enough sincere angst in it to make it one of those jokes that is funny because it's kinda true.

  4. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Been a long time since I checked your blogs to read what you have been thinking. Or not thinking. Obviously this was a tongue in check entry. Curious though, what constitutes "primary breadearner". Is it the annual gross income? Hours worked per week/month/year for pay? Amount of formal education i.e. school? Anything I have to comment on about your blog has to wait until I learn your criteria for "breadwinner". Meanwhile I really, really understand why I remain unmarried and childless. You, my darling nephew, sure make my cat the ideal roommate! Probably the smartest thing you ever did in your life was to marry the woman you did. Plus I seriously doubt there is a pickle jar she can't open or a mouse (you living in a tenament these days oh mighty breadwinner?) that she can't scare off with the working end of a broom. But I must admit when I was married and I worked full time it was my fondest dream to come home to a husband who had dinner on the table, laundry caught up, house clean, groceries bought, bills paid, oil changed in the car, gifts bought for both families - well you get the idea. Oh yes, forgot, I really needed my husband to chase away mice and open pickle jars. Yeah, right.

  5. Mostly, I was thinking annual gross income. However, I also work more hours per week, month, and the year; and I have more formal education.


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