Friday, April 04, 2008

A Lesson in Democracy

My daughter learned an important lesson from the Nickelodeon Kid's Awards. Drake and Josh, not Hannah Montana, won the award for best television series.

Natalie was flabbergasted. How can people think that Drake and Josh is better than Hannah Montana?

I took the moment to teach her of the flaws inherent in any system whereby decisions are made via popular election.

Start with the axiom that the average person is an idiot, then figure that half of the people are even dumber.

Hence the marginalization of Ron Paul and the "main contenders" in the form of John "George W. Bush²" McCain v. either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Citing Thoreau, I explained that democracy was, at best, a crap shoot. That your vote is really only a wager, and that it has no real logical or moral power to it.

She seemed to understand.

I smiled.

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