Sunday, April 06, 2008

Chicken Little Redux

So the Chicken Littles are at it again.

Now they are arguing that governments need to spend more money to fund R & D projects.

And that's what this is about. It's the Global Warming Gravy Train (seriously, read this article). The way that the "climate change" crew use fear to get what they want is tantamount to extortion. The difference is that if we just ignore these people, they will be annoying but otherwise harmless.


  1. My Advanced Environmental Science teacher showed us a chart depicting average global temperatures going back hundreds of millions of years, with its information collected from studying glacier layers in Antarctica. The graph showed how much the global temperatures have fluctuated throughout the Earth's history, and it is a relatively steady pattern. If trends continue according to the graph, we are actually nearing the peak of this round of global warming. The Earth has been far warmer than it is today but the majority of the graph shows the Earth in a much cooler state, with short heat spikes at steady intervals. We, along with the rest of human history, exist in one of these heat spikes, but again if trends continue, it is nearing an end. Conveniently, Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth does not show global temperatures dating as far back as this chart does. It only shows the most recent warming spike. If scientist are really worried about the future, then they need to figure out how the human race will survive a global temperature about six degrees colder than the current average, instead of the one degree increase that will come before the drop. Note that a change of only a few degrees Celsius can determine whether or not we are in an ice age. Common knowledge would tell you that an Environmental Science teacher would be panicking about global warming, but this is not the case. More pressing environmental concerns include the erosion of soil at an alarming rate (a fact that could have surprisingly scary effects), and the impending shortage of water that will come as third-world countries develop. Yes, the Earth is warming, but this is natural and will end very soon. Next, we will enter an ice age during which average global temperatures could drop about six degrees. I wish I could find this chart...

  2. Run-on DMC7:58 PM

    I used to think that a water shortage was a problem. Actually, a geography professor convinced me of that. Now I believe that migrations of people to areas with more water, combined with desalination efforts, will solve much of the expected problem. Sure, there will be some wars and people will die, but why would that be an inconceivable result of anything people do? As long as the ice caps keep melting (ha ha)there won't be a shortage of water! On a side note, there are some cool things to do on this earth, but anyone wanting to live forever is crazy! I've got better places to be (just my Christian perspective)I'm thirsty...

  3. Surrealist.3:11 PM

    Someone should point out the inconvenient truth to Al Gore about his Inconvenient Truth.

    But little chickens with a train of gravy sounds delicious just as is...


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